RITUAL “The Resurrection”

“The Resurrection”
(Funeral Rain)
Ritual seem so familiar. I think I had a demo by a band named Ritual way back in the 80s. Not sure if that is relevant. So many bands must have had that name in mind and body over the years. This ritual started in 1993, released an album in 1995 followed by albums in 1997 and 1998 all on Wild Rags Records. Damn it if I don’t remember this Ritual from back in the 90s. There was a time when I thought that Wild Rags was pretty cool. Ritual is black metal in a way that is melodic in spirit and mind. There is something primitive and basic about this that is so liberating. No fancy pre-conceived notions of what is hip or trendy. No bullshit, just plain old black metal. Nothing that hasn’t been done before but still so great when done the right way. This turned out so much better than I thought. Anders Ekdahl

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