Riverside – “Shrine Of New Generation Slaves”

Riverside – “Shrine Of New Generation Slaves” (Insideout Music)

I must admit I never imagined a Polish prog band but Warsaw’s Riverside are it and have been going since 2001, this being their 5th album no less! Musically they seem to have traditional Floydian prog elements mixed in with neo alt grooves similar to The Mars Volta or Opeth. Michal Lapaj’s keyboards – a mix of Hammond and piano – play a prominent role in songs like ‘Escalator Shrine’, ‘The Depth Of Self Delusion’ and ‘We Got Used To Us’ while Mariusz Duda’s soft, airy vocals usher each song into its successor effortlessly. The guitars of Piotr Grudzinski and (and also Duda) fill in the gaps with fluid melodies and make an effort to occasionally rock out, but overall this is a laid back, easy listening album and perhaps intentionally so as the band’s previous efforts like “Anno Domini High Definition” have dealt with the stresses of coping in a modern society – so take it easy with Riverside.

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