Rob Zombie – “The Zombie Horror Picture Show”


Rob Zombie – “The Zombie Horror Picture Show” DVD (Universal Music Enterprises)

‘…rock! rock! rock!….muthafucka! muthafucka!! muthafucka!!!..’ – welcome to the mega visual extravaganza filmed over two nights in Houston and Dallas as directed by Rob Zombie. With his background in film, Zombie has created an audacious audio visual experience that others would be in fear of, but being equally a veteran rocker treading the boards with White Zombie and now his solo band, has managed to not just pull it off, but flipped the bird daring anyone else to do better. A technically elaborate, multi-media show pulling together multiple video screens, larger – and certainly weirder – than life animatronic robots, an out of control bubble machine, and so much pyro that at one point it almost resembles a pyroclastic cloud with visuals so dazzling that you cannot actually make out the band, the stage show – never mind the music – is closer to a living video than an actual concert! With his powerhouse band of ex Marilyn Mansoners John 5 and Ginger Fish, along with ex Alice Cooper bassist Piggy D, he’s got the Texan crowd in a frenzy chanting out ‘Zombie! Zombie!! Zombie!!!’ as they belt out the dark, electro rock n roll of my fave White Zombie classics ‘Devil Man’ and ‘More Human Than Human’. With cameras seemingly everywhere in the venue I can’t believe how many Zombie girls there are in the audience and they come into their own with a lot of gyrating and shakin during the groove of ‘Ging Gang Gong..’. Things simply go buck wild, however, during the slide geetar intro to the dark cow rock of ‘House Of 1,000 Corpses’, complete with visuals from Zombie’s 2003 film forming horror montage in the backdrop as the man himself walks among his army of undead fans as they repeatedly chant his name. With art school perfect camera angles and a gallery of stunning fotos that are also available in a book, Zombie has pulled out all the stops in making this go beyond a filmed rock concert by drawing from the talent of his dazzling art wisdom in making this spectacle into nothing short of a screen super nova.

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