ROBIN TROWER “Coming Closer To The Day”

“Coming Closer To The Day”

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I think I do remember this dude from the 80s. Not that I did check him out back then but I did read about him is magazines like Kerrang! I know that I wouldn’t have liked his stuff back in the days and I am not really sure if I do like it today even. This new album is as I expected it. Full of bluesy rock tunes that is played at a moderate tempo. If that is the kinda stuff you like, then this is for you. I gotta that it is a bit too slow for me. If I am gonna listen to stuff that is this slow it gotta have even more feeling that this has. It has to be even more melancholic for me to really appreciate it to its fullest. As it is now it is a good enough album to listen to but it doesn’t do that much to me. Anders Ekdahl

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