Rock Goddess – “It’s More Than Rock And Roll”

Rock Goddess – “It’s More Than Rock And Roll” EP (Bite You To Death Records)

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40 years ago the darlings of London’s burgeoning heavy metal scene, Rock Goddess were the young, doe eyed, leather jacketed girlies that rockers and bikers sought as girlfriends – but never dreamt would be onstage beyond a novelty! Formed on the tough inner city streets and mentored by their father (an entertainments veteran) Rock Goddess came straight from school – and were barely legal in the case of 14 year old drummer Julie Turner! Fronted by her elder sister Jody on guitar and mouthy vocals, they soon recruited Tracy Lamb also from school, and set on a path to create a female power trio that would not just taken on male bands as equals musically, but would shatter the long established myth of rock being a no go area for women musicians. Through killer songs like ‘Heavy Metal Rock N Roll’ and ‘My Angel’, Rock Goddess didn’t try to out muscle the boys but instead brought a huge dose of catchy crooning melody permissible through their obvious femininity, but ably backed by a straight up meat n potatoes hard rock sound. Despite all of that, the trio never once went down the ‘sex’ route, keeping their minimal make up, leather jacketed look much to the admiration of male rockers (who naturally fancied them all the more ha ha!). Playing the Reading Festival in 1982, the band soon got signed to major label A&M, who released both their debut and sophomore, both refreshingly unpretentious yet powerfully delivering the goods. Tours in Europe with Iron Maiden and Def Leppard soon followed, but so too the inevitable fracture with bassist Lamb, whose departure would spell a series of revolving door line ups until disbandment in the late 80s. Despite several attempts by the sisters to reactivate the band, the final gig was in 1995, with Julie quitting the music business to start a family. Now, some 30 years after the release of that self titled debut comes the long awaited reunion with Lamb back in the fold, a return to touring and this 3 track EP of brand new material! Despite the shifting landscape of technology and metal genres, Rock Goddess are unperturbed, dishing out the same honest, wholesome rock metal that made them famous 4 decades ago. Opening with the title track, Jody’s sultry tones soon give way to her still present larynx power as the ladies chant out the chorus, a self defining statement of their roots and undeniable reason for existence, delivered through Jody’s heavy chugging guitar and driven by Julie’s solid beat – along with a naturally catchy femme harmony before a spirited solo from Jody. Along with a clapping beat, I can already see Lamb getting the crowds going on this one! ‘Back Off’ is straight from the 80s, with Jody’s power vocals leading the NWOBHM riff along with some tasty lead work and of course, another monster melody chorus contrasting well with Julie’s hard hitting fury so you can feel the she power on this one. Closing with ‘We’re All Metal’ its almost like a take on Twisted Sister in this anthemic shout out as Jody sings (rather than shouts) complete with some teasing girlie harmonies, although the subject matter couldn’t be any more serious to the band themselves, who definitely feel like a long missing piece of their lives is finally back – 100% rock star! With touring already underway and a full blown album in the planning, one of the greatest female rock trios returns – and hell still hath no fury!

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