Rock Goddess – “This Time”

Rock Goddess – “This Time” (Bite You To Death Records)

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Legends! Formed in 1977 by the Turner sisters Jody (guitar vocals) and Julie (drums) while still at school when they were 13 and 9 years old respectively (!), Rock Goddess would play the Reading Festival just 5 years later and by 1983, were touted as the female trio successors to Motorhead, having released 2 full length albums, including “Hell Hath No Fury” produced by world renowned producer Chris Tsangarides, and toured with Iron Maiden, Def Leppard and Y&T no less. However, by 1987 it was all over, despite Jody Turner recruiting a new group in the mid 90s, and even changing the name of the band to Braindance. Thereafter, it was all quiet for the Turner sisters, although to the fans who’d seen and heard them, they remained lamented and to their credit, unforgotten. Then, as if in answer to a prayer, the sisters and original bassist Tracey Lamb reunited to play a blinding set at Hard Rock Hell NWOBHM in 2016, followed by an EP in 2017 – their first new recording in 34 years. Clearly proving they had lost none of their drive and indeed, brashness and attitude, the scene was set for “This Time”! Sticking to their roots of no nonsense highly catchy hard rock with a strong feminine sultriness along with a 21st century sparkle, this 4th album continues the tradition set by the Turners and indeed, has been produced by Jody Turner, whose guitar work and vocals remain as powerful and potent as I remember across the 10 feisty tracks here. From the punching ‘Calling To Space’ with its dirty guitar contrasting with Jody’s shredding larynx and the harmonies of Julie and Tracey, the catchy chorus rings out once more in true Rock Goddess style, resonating that irresistible feminine power in all its glory. With the deep n sultry ‘Flying To See You’ unloading its raunchy riffs in classic 80s style, the song provides the perfect platform for Jody’s screaming soul unleashed in all its emotional wildness, while Julie adds more than her percussive measure as Lamb pumps in the bass on this hard but heartbreaking number. Definite hit for me was the anthemic title track ‘This Time’, a driving number with Jody’s quiet tones quickly dissipating to power out the singalong chorus and hit home with a wailing but touching solo, again with the winning mix of heart and heaviness. Gone are the schoolgirls, but returning are London’s original women warriors to do battle once more!

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