ROCK MASTER BAND “March Of pink Fat Elephants”

“March Of The Pink Fat Elephants”
(Violent Journey)
There are bad names and then there are really bad names. ROCK MASTER BAND… I have no idea how bad or good this is. All I can say is that whenever I see the word rock in a band’s name I fear the worst. I have nothing against Status Quo but to me that is as bad as it can get when it really is bad. I just hope ROCK MASTER BAND won’t make me feel like I’ve heard a bad, bad Status Quo song. And judging by the album title this might not have been too far off in the 70s. I get a feel for the smell of old LP covers when I listen to this as well as Finnish folk parks (if they exists) deep in the forests full of drunk hippies. But I gotta say it. I like the vibe that this album radiates. I didn’t think so to begin with but I do. Anders Ekdahl

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