ROCKA ROLLAS ”Celtic Kings”

”Celtic Kings”
(Stormspell Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I don’t remember how many ROCKA ROLLA albums I have heard so far but I do know that those that I have heard have all been to my liking. So I have no doubt that this new one will too be to my liking. If you are unfamiliar with ROCKA ROLLA (apart from it being a Judas Priest album) I can tell you that this is raging heavy/power metal. this Swedish band has built quite a reputation as a force to be reckon with. This new album will just build on that reputation. If you like old Helloween and Blind Guardian this will be right up your alley. As I am a huge friend to that era of these two bands I just sit here and band my head to this new ROCKA ROLLA album. Another killer one. Anders Ekdahl

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