ROCKA ROLLAS “Metal Strikes Back”

“Metal Strikes Back”
A new ROCKA ROLLAS album. I never had a chance to listen to the previous one so I’ve been looking forward to this new one. If I’m to believe the stuff that I’ve read about this band I’m to expect a thrash attack in the good old school. And it is very old school. But I don’t know how thrash this is. I get a more power metal feel to this, or speed metal if you like. It is kinda like listening to Helloween’s “Walls Of Jericho”. You got to keep up with the music or you’ll miss something. The tempo is not for the faint of heart. You better keep up or you’ll be so far back that you might as well just give up. This is pure heavy metal force the way you don’t hear too often today. I’ve always had a weak spot for up-tempo metal and this is everything I like about my metal. Just gotta track down that first album too. Anders Ekdahl

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