I never got the whole death’n’roll thing from a couple of years back. I tried liking it but for most of the times it left me totally unmoved. I’m not saying that Rocking Corpse are death’n’roll but whenever I see the word rock in a band’s name I get flashbacks to that overly hyped style of music that I mentioned earlier. And with a title like “Rock’N’Rott” there are chances that this will be some sort of let down. Are perhaps this is just some sort of Finnish joke. I gotta say that I’m not too well versed in Finnish humour. And it was just what I thought it would be. This is rock tinged but not in that death’n’roll crap. This isn’t too bad. There is a charm to this that puts a smile on my face. This is borderline rock/metal with a darker edge. Perhaps not my first choice but it would work great as background music to a party. Again, not as bad as I had imagined. Anders Ekdahl

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