Rocking Corpses – “Death Blues”

Rocking Corpses – “Death Blues” (Inverse Records)
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Rocking Corpses are from Finland and play ‘…a putrid mix of rock, death metal, zombies, other horror themes and some really black humour…’. Now onto their second album in “Death Blues” I’d have to agree with that description judging by the 12 tracks here that ooze biker rock ‘n’ roll thanks to the thick ‘n’ dirty riffs from Tony Decay and Pestilence Pete, not forgetting the baritone vocals courtesy of singer Leper Laze – check out those names ha ha. Backed by bassist Maggot Mike and Tom Bones on drums, there’s plenty to rock and croon out to here, while still looking cool in the moonlight! With the twin guitars revving up on ‘Body’, Decay adds in his own guttural vocals to complement Laze’s gothic tones that lacquer it a treat over the punk metal groove topped off by some wild rock ‘n’ roll breaks on this fast rocker. On the chugging ‘Derailed’ there’s plenty of energetic drumming from Bones with even more rock ‘n’ roll squealing outta the burning guitars, although Laze remains ice cold, only occasionally breaking out in his own wails on this demented dance of death song. Rollicking in the riffs into the slamming drums, the southern groove death ‘n’ roll is served up like syrup on ‘Losing Day’ with faster rocking passages in between the monster shouted out doom chorus delivering instant headbanging possession. Veterans of many prior bands, the Rocking Corpses seem to have finally found resurrection on this excellent, back from the dead sophomore!
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