”Bullet Proof”
(Musicarchy Media)

Battle Helm Rating

KIARA LEATITIA I know from her work with Skylark. A symphonic/power metal band. I was not that naïve to expect this to be more of the same but I wasn’t really ready for what this is. to be honest I don’t know how to properly label this. For some strange reason I get flashes of Nena mixed with Nina Hagen when I listen to this (yeah, I know. I am older than time). But apart from my strange mind working in mysterious ways I still can’t get my head around this. If I were forced to label this as anything it would be modern hardrock. But whatever the tag is I like what I hear. Perhaps not a candidate for album of the year, or even the month but there are enough cool songs on this to make me happy. Melodic, singalongy hardrock that makes you happy. Anders Ekdahl

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