ROME “The Lone Furrow”

“The Lone Furrow”
(Trisol Music Group)

Battle Helm Rating

ROME is really truly a well kept secret. At least for me. Prior to getting this promo I had only heard o them through their previous album. And that one I didn’t even get around to listen to. Having heard this one I kinda ban myself for not having checked it out. I am a huge New Model Army fan. I am not saying that ROME are even close to sounding anything like them but I get the same kinda emotional vibe from this that I get from listening to New Model Army. There is an epicness to this in all its stripped down costume. This album is so full of guest appearance that it is silly. People like Primordial’s Alan or Behemoth’s Nergal contribute vocals to this album, among a host of others. Although as far from metal in its instrumentation there is still very much a metal attitude to this album. If you are familiar with Primordial’s latter albums or with Nergal’s side project or the cover they did of The Cure you pretty much get the vibe of this album. This is one of those albums that needs to be heard and not talked about. Anders Ekdahl

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