ROOT “Heritage Of Satan”

“Heritage Of Satan “
(Agonia Records)
I remember the first time I heard a Root album. I was pretty blown away by the primitive and aggressive metal these Czechs presented me with. That was back in the nineties. Two decades has passed and now it is time for a reunion between me and the band. Will the experience be the same? No, simply because we are both two decades older and perhaps wiser. While older I’m not sure either of us are any wiser. I like the down-tempo old school feeling that “Heritage Of Satan” brings with it. It doesn’t have to be full speed ahead for it to be good. Damn it, I do have become wiser in accepting substance over speed in my music. That there is a certain East Block feeling to the whole package just adds to the joy of hearing the album. Nice to see that maturity doesn’t equal dullness. Anders Ekdahl

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