ROOTS OF PAIN “Countdown To Armageddon”

“Countdown To Armageddon”
I’d say that about 90% of the stuff I get sent I have never ever heard of before. And I love it. My whole life I’ve spent looking for new metal kicks. And I’ve found them in the most unexpected parts of the world. I wouldn’t say that Italy is an unexpected place to find great metal but every now and then even an Italian band surprises me. Italian ROOTS OF PAIN are melodic death metal at the heavier end of the spectra. Well, perhaps not so melodic at all. But sure heavy as hell. With no kind of expectations on this album I must say that I am very surprised at how heavy this is. They might call themselves melodic but if this is melodic then we don’t share the same references as to what is melodic. This is to my ears damn heavy and absolutely cool death metal that everybody with the slightest interest in death metal should check out. Anders Ekdahl

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