Rose Tattoo – “Blood Brothers (2018 Bonus Re-issue)”

Rose Tattoo – “Blood Brothers (2018 Bonus Re-issue)” (Golden Robot Records) 

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True blue legends of Australia, Rose Tattoo have been going since 1976 and remain that continent’s best purveyors of authentic blue collar pub rock. Still fronting the scrummage is fiery Angry Anderson, and now backed by AC/DC’s original bassist Mark Evans and yet another street fighting crew ready for a knuckling, as they set out once again to storm the stages when they tour this year. As a preclude comes this bonus re-issue of their 2007 album “Blood Brothers”, this time bolstered by 6 live numbers culled from the best of the material. Led by Anderson’s always powerfully passionate vocals drawn from his soul and reflecting his hard upbringing, the signature slide guitar comes from the late but never forgotten Pete Wells protege Dai Pritchard backed by a stomping rhythm honed through endless gigs played from outback pubs to country bars and inner city dives over the years. “Blood Brothers” is an aptly chosen title, reflecting that forged bond and camaraderie between all the musicians who were proud to call themselves Tatts and their fans both young and old (of whom I happen to be one). If the 11 tracks on “Blood Brothers” are as full on as you might expect, then live, which incidentally is where the Tatts thrive, they simply kill! If you wanna learn about the power of the riff, then try ‘Man About Town’, which is what every bloke is about as you feel the energy charging through your body as Anderson’s vocals come powering in like a mighty jab. Hitting home with the power punch on ‘Black Eyed Bruiser’ as Dai Pritchard’s slide saws into you, it effortlessly twists like a feedback riding snake on ‘Once In A Lifetime’, graced by the soul of Anderson once more. Slowing it right down on ‘Sweet Meat’, the full ripple of the riffs and slide are nothing short of possessive as you move in time to the groove. ‘Standover Man’ mixes classic AC/DC inspired punchy but oh so catchy riffs with a more modern metal feel, while on ‘Nothing To Lose’, Anderson’s uplifting tones are matched by Pritchard’s slide work perfectly. I’m not sure how many years Angry’s got left in him, so do yourself a favour and score a hit on on this re-issue and for gawd’s sake, go see them live and witness something special while you can.

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