ROSTRES “Les Corps Flottants”

“Les Corps Flottants”
( Wooaaargh/Celestine Records / Dingleberry records / Slow Burn records)

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Post rock is something that have been around since the 80s basically with acts like Bauhaus, Joy Division and the likes but it is just recently that I have gotten my ears on the modern form for it in the form of instrumental bands like this that I am listening to right now, ROSTRES from France. In the last couple of months I have stumbled over so many great instrumental acts that I start to wonder if there is some sort of conspiracy towards me, trying to woe me over to the instrumental side of things. But joke aside, I do like the challenge no vocals provide for the mind. You gotta listen intensely when there are no vocals. ROSTRES paint a bleak, yet beautiful picture with their music. Just using guitar and drums they create a canvas so intense that you wish you could be there yourself to wander the same paths the band takes. Anders Ekdahl

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