Rotten Mind – “Rotten Mind”

Rotten Mind – “Rotten Mind” (Lövely Records)

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Swedish punk – hmmm, that’s gotta be a new one fer me. Still, with the undoubted punk influences in their legendary death metal scene, I had to give Rotten Mind a listen and wow, make that another hit for Sweden! Despite their deranged name and regurgitated press musings of melancholy and darkness these guys came across as jovial as a Christmas tree! Mixing the punkerola of 70s UK bands like The Damned and Buzzcocks along with poppy adolescent vocals and rockabilly guitar, there’s plenty of frantic beats here but equally tons of catchy hooks and plenty of rock n roll grooves on the 10 tracks making up this attractive sophomore. Formed a coupla years back, their skill has been honed in bands like Real Tears and Agent Attitude so it doesn’t come as a surprise how good they are here. From giving Pete Shelley a run for his money on ‘Dark Intentions’ through Rune’s strummed shoegaze bass, the raw tinny guitars of Jakob and Johan kick it all over songs like ‘Real Lies’ which reminded me of the Ramones catchy singalongs although the cool, Scandi rock n roll solo definitely added an identity of its own, proving Rotten Mind are a band in their own right. It was even more to the point on the mid tempo ‘Out Of Use’, arguably heavier owing to constant feedback, with Jakob’s normal teen dream vocals now adding power while the guitars delivered some sweet n catchy Scandi melodies. A great release, taking me right back to the similar DIY style of the mighty Husker Du back in the day – lövely indeed!

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