ROTTING FLESH ”Infected Purity”

”Infected Purity”
(Symbol Of Domination)

Battle Helm Rating

Every band name that has Rotting in its name gets a thump up from me. That tells me that this isn’t going to be a poodle rock band but something far more extreme. And that alone is a great start. If it then turns out to churn my gut like a blender, even better. Greek ROTTING FLESH have that avant garde black metal sound that you kinda expect from Necromantia and fellow Greek bands of the same ilk. So you know that this isn’t going to be middle of the road in any sorta way. And it isn’t. You gotta be ready to be taken on a journey that twist and turns, stops and starts to fully get this album. But since it is so bloody well done you end up sitting there with all senses wide open. Anders Ekdahl

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