RT-Zed – “Zed Hed”


RT-Zed – “Zed Hed” (Hypermania Music Company)

Formed by none other than Steve Grantley, current drummer of legendary 70s Irish punks Stiff Little Fingers, expect nothing less than explosive punk n roll that still has the fire of ‘The Troubles’ in there! Being a man of his time, songs like ‘In The Blood’, ‘Get What You Want’ and Too Far In To Get Out‘ reflect the honest, dirty rock n roll of The Ramones, Sex Pistols and of course SLF, but in other cases show other alt and new wave influences probably gained from his time also drumming for The Alarm. It’s certainly a varied album even including an electronica instrumental at the end which may hark back to RT-Zed’s debut, released some 12 years ago, but “Zed Hed” is an all together different animal, composed, played and produced by Grantley with long time friend Jonesy doing the lead work and bass. With some poignant lyrics reflecting personal experiences and losses, it’s clear that much of the album was written – and played – straight from the heart rather than contrived, which of course is the essence of true punk. Boldly breaking with ‘the drummer’ stereotype I was pleasantly surprised by Grantley’s hidden talents, especially the vocal dept, showing a range of styles to suit his material which I think will definitely appeal to anyone into 70s punk, as well as the alternative genres of the early 80s in certainly evoking plenty of nostalgic memories.

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