RUFF MAJIK “Seasons”


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South African hardrock/metal is not something that I encounter too often. I has happened in the past but it is very rare. So I was kinda excited to tackle RUFF MAJIK’s new album “Seasons”. Not that I am familiar at all with the band but because I had read good things about them. And listening to this I can only agree with that. There is a cool vibe to this that brings to mind Black Sabbath circa “Vol 4”. But with a stoner edge to it. RUFF MAJIK seem to be moving freely all over the spectrum. It is pretty hard to really get a firm grip on where they are really heading. But I do find myself liking what I hear. There is a heaviness to this that weighs up for the spacey trips they at times do. If you like your music strictly structured this is not for you. if you don’t mind the music floating freely you should check this one out. Anders Ekdahl

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