RUINS “Place Of No Pity”

“Place Of No Pity”
I think I managed to hear RUINS (not to be confused with the German or any other Ruins) previous record. I’m not too sure but I get a distinct feeling of having reviewed it. Can’t say I remember too much of it though. Hopefully I gave it a positive review. And from listening to this new album I can only say that this is the kind of metal that I like. I have nothing against a melancholic line here or there. I can see the beauty of darkness in music. RUINS has what makes my fancy for extreme metal tick that little extra. That thing you can’t explain with words but you know when it hits you right across you jaw. There is a latter day Satyricon feel to this album. A groove if you so like that make it flow like a spring flooding, effortlessly. Anders Ekdahl

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