Rumahoy – “The Triumph Of Piracy”

Rumahoy – “The Triumph Of Piracy” (Napalm)

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If Alestorm describe themselves as ‘the second best Scottish pirate metal band’ then take a guess who’s at the top – why Rumahoy! Amalgamating their 2 best loves – rum and saying ‘ahoy’ – Rumahoy originate from the same town as The Proclaimers (!) but are now based in North Carolina, which very much suits their pirate theme given its rich history – try Captain Blackbeard for starters! Led by the roaring Captain Yarrface, Rumahoy play an extremely catchy power / folk metal steeped in jovial singalong humor and played tightly to deliver the goods on the likes of ‘The Haitian Slam’ with its speedy mix of electro beats, Swashbuckling Pete’s double bass drumming and even a xylophone (!) while on ‘Huffman The Pirate King’ an equally catchy accordion and some epic riffs stir the heart while still invoking a hearty laugh as you chant the chorus like a scurvy rat – yarrrrrr! Even when they try the odd ballad in ‘Netflix And Yarr’ the moving melody and an equally heart rendering guitar solo from Bootsman Walktheplank do the job magnificently like a full broadside, so get ready me hearties for “The Triumph Of Piracy” as the greatest pirate metal band to sail the swashbuckling seas are upon us!

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