Rumahoy – “Time II: Party”

Rumahoy – “Time II: Party” (Napalm Records)
Battle Helm Rating
Ahoy, me hearties, it’s time to batten down the hatches and splice the mainbrace! Calling themselves the ‘World’s Best True Scottish Pirate Metal Band’, Captain Yarrface and his tight little band of seadogs raise a chantey that’s so cheesy, it’s easy to see why Alestorm have little desire to beat them to the title, preferring to call themselves (jokingly) the ‘World’s Second Best True Scottish Pirate Metal Band’ ha ha. Indeed, you’d be hard pressed to clash cutlasses with Yarrface and his mob, what with their robber hoods, lo-fi synths, and outrightly jokey rhyming lyrics – not to mention even a rap on ‘Poop Deck Party’ – shiver me timbers! Needless to say, the grog is flowing aplenty on this 10 track sophomore, and so too is the piss taking to such epic proportions in fact, that it’s not just their cousins from Perth who walk the plank on “Time II: Party”. Still, their music is something else. Opening to the sound of horses and church bells, the main folk melody on ‘Cowboys Of The Sea’ is so powerfully alluring it’s enough in itself to weigh anchor and hoist the mizzen – and that’s before you add in the Captain’s commanding roars and crew chants, while not forgetting their heavy ass riffs, pumping bass and thumping drums that would get a cheery ‘yee-haw’ from Pantera. Hitting the speed with a full sail, ‘The Beer From My Town Is Better Than Yours’ hosts yet another set of bountiful folk melodies played through concertinas, synths and guitars completed by raucous crew singalongs guaranteed to get a knees up from both Gloryhammer and Korpiklaani! Opening with operatic tones and a huge, epic sound on ‘1,000 Years Of Dust’, Attila Dorn and his powerwolves would definitely be slavering, although the main melody is definitely Calendonian in its passionate appeal and the unexpected exotic melodies and grooves definitely lend to something more sophisticated, as probably intended by the band to show a serious side to their musicianship. Well it all works a treat in making “Time II: Party” a very handsome piece of booty indeed to raise the Jolly Roger to, along with a hearty Yo Ho Ho!
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