RUMOURS “Letters From The Memory Box”

Rumours Cover ArtworkRUMOURS
”Letters From The Memory Box”
Back in the 80s I tried coming up with a name for a band that we were about to start. It didn’t go all that well but I at least had some alternatives. None of them were as simple as RUMOURS. Don’t think I’d ever come up with a band name like that. I like stuff like Manic Street Preachers. Stuff that might not be totally punk but more borderline. Stuff that has a pop sensibility to it. In that same box I’d like to place RUMOURS. This is rock with a punky touch. If I’d heard this on the radio I’d sit up and take notice. I’d wanted to know more about the band. It stands out that much from all the crap that the radio spews forth. This is hard enough for me to actually paying attention to it. It doesn’t just pass me by totally unnoticed. Anders Ekdahl

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