Run From Robots – “Rust”

Run From Robots – “Rust” (Glasstone Records)

Brizzel’s RFR take me right back to the halcyon dayz of punk pop in the 90s when bands like Blink 182, Green Day and The Offspring were introducing the world to a strange combination of quirky vocals defined by contrasting raw energetic guitars that also had a catchy mellow groove that appealed to a billion teenagers the world over. Well, that appeal hasn’t gone away and similarly caught the hearts and minds of 4 school friends who formed the enigmatically named Run From Robots. Although the 90s formula remains untouched on songs like ‘Red Lights Ruin Lights’, ‘On Top Of The Game’ and ‘Wolf Spider’, it’s more than a rehash given the strength of the material and musicianship. Moreover, there is a genuine youthful passion and innocence that comes across on this debut which money can’t buy let alone successfully reproduce.

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