Running Wild – “Rapid Foray”


Running Wild – “Rapid Foray” (Steamhammer / SPV)

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Although caught up in the emerging German metal scene of the mid 80s, Running Wild were actually formed in 1976, thus making them 40 years old as a band! Centered around a tongue-in-cheek pirate image as founded by vocalist, guitarist and composer Rock´n`Rolf Kasparek, Running Wild are a well known name, even if mainstream success as eluded them. Still, the fact that they’ve stuck to the same formula over the years is probably what’s kept them alive! Essentially playing heavy metal driven by raw, roaring guitars and speed dropped in during their heavier moments, there’s a huge emphasis on memorable, catchy songs employing bunches of power melodies designed to elicit a crowd response – and 30 years treading those stage boards attests to that success! Despite being knocked out through 2014 with a shoulder injury, Kasparek has bounced back with what must be one of Running Wild’s best albums and definitive of their sound. From his own rock meets metal vocals to the double bass-driven speed of ´Warmongers`, his guitar along with fellow swashbuckler Peter Jordan sink right in – and don’t let go – as the hard rocking ‘Stick To Your Guns’ comes waylaying into you before the unforgettable megaton title track delivers the knock out blow. With no disappointments whatsoever across the 11 tracks I strongly urge you to check out “Rapid Foray”!

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