Running Wild – “Shadowmaker”

Running Wild – “Shadowmaker” (Steamhammmer/SPV)

Yarrr – get ready to be keel hauled once again by Cap’n Rolf! Running Wild are German pirate legends going back to the mid 70s and formed the part of the first wave of German HM alongside the likes of Accept, Living Death and Grave Digger, although I would’ve said they were probably the most mellow of that lot. So, in many ways it doesn’t come as a surprise that “Shadowmaker” isn’t really a metal album as such, but more metalized rock with lots of 70s rock influences like Thin Lizzy on ‘Sailing Fire’, while on the more rock n roll numbers like ‘Me + The Boys’ Rolf’s voice sorta reminds me of Krokus, or even 80s Priest on the singalong ‘I Am Who I Am’. Having seen the best (and worst) side of 35 years, they called it day after their Wacken 2009 performance but last year, Rolf and guitarist Peter Jordan reactivated the band although I’m not sure who else is contributing besides them. Whether “Shadowmaker” turns out to be a comeback album or epitaph, Running Wild have turned out a swashbuckler of an album in every sense from composing to musicianship to production and finally marketing it in 3 different formats from limited 1st edition CD plus bonus DVD to double album (printed inner sleeves & clear vinyl) to limited edition boxset (2 LPs, CD/DVD, Poster, Sticker, Postcard, 30 page book)!

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