Rush – “2112” Deluxe Edition

Rush – “2112” Deluxe Edition CD/ DVD/ Blu-ray (UMC / Mercury)

Originally released in 1976, “2112” was the first real Rush album for many with lyrics written by Neil Peart, the introduction of their eponymous ‘star man’ logo and most of all, their epic drawn out songs – funnily enough in defiance to their label who had advised otherwise in the hope of gaining the band more success – and ironically gaining them the very commercial recognition they had been seeking lol! With it’s classic 7 part title track inspired by Ayn Rand and telling a futuristic tale not a million miles from Star Wars – that of a controlling Federation ruled by the evil ‘Priests Of The Temples Of Syrinx’ but instead ending apocalyptically with the resonating autocratic message ‘we have assumed control, we have assumed control..’, “2112” would be Rush’s breakthrough album and solidify their classic sound. Since that time the album has been acknowledged by wider circles like the Audio-Visual Preservation Trust of Canada as being ‘culturally significant’ and featured in the Guitar Hero video game series. It is therefore fitting that this year it be chosen to feature in Rush’s first iBook featuring a 40-page comic book story by artist Tom Hodges of funnily enough – “Star Wars -The Clone Wars” no less! With an entirely remastered original album, there will be 3 live bonus tracks in ‘Overture’, ‘Temples Of Syrinx’ and my personal fave ‘A Passage To Bangkok’ along with expanded artwork, liner notes, unreleased photos and a new cover by original ‘star man’ album designer Hugh Syme. A definitely must for the young at heart Rush fan, it will no doubt be an essential Christmas pressie for an Rush parent / grandparent looking to inspire the next generation with Canada’s classic rock and the resonating message for humanity’s inner need to express its’ free will.

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