Rush – “Rush: Clockwork Angels Tour”


Rush – “Rush: Clockwork Angels Tour” DVD / CD (Roadrunner Records)

Filmed on the band’s last Clockwork Angels Tour in the Dallas arena, this 31 track mega package is as spectacular as the reputation befitting Canada’s premiere rock band themselves, who now have been inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame. As well as the tour marking their first European festival in 35 years at Sweden Rock, it was also notable for featuring an 8-piece ‘Clockwork Angels String Ensemble’ – the first time other musicians have actually shared the stage with Rush! There’s a definite atmosphere in the recording which captures Rush in all their epic glory from classic songs like ‘2112’ to the rapturously received ‘YYZ’ , as well as the newer material like ‘Caravan’. The ensemble do a good job in enhancing the sound in some areas by adding some atmospheric layers but thankfully don’t get in the way of the band’s overall classic sound, be it in Geddy’s quirky high voice to Alex’s fusion riffs, which still sound new age even now! Of course, legendary Neil Peart manages to get his fair share of drum solos from ‘Where’s My Thing – Here It Is!’ to ‘The Percussor’ but most of all, there’s a lotta positive vibe and rapport indicating that both the band and crowd are truly enjoying the 3 hour performance. Even after 4 decades the Rush machine is still steamin’ – and probably heading for yet another award – so if you missed ’em on this monumental tour, this should more than suffice in ensuring you don’t miss the next one!

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