SAARKOTH “Cult Of Nature”

“Cult Of Nature”

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UKBM is not something that I come upon all too often in the past but this year I have found some really cool underground UK labels that fly the UKBM banner high. Prior to this I cannot remember the last UKBM band that I heard that wasn’t Cradle Of Filth. With a demo, a single, an album and an EP under their belt SAARKOTH is by far not a new band, yet this is the first I hear of them. But I am looking forward to dive deep into the universe that is
“Cult Of Nature”. If I were to label this I would say that they fit in at the atmospheric end of things. They have the melancholy that I like with atmospheric but they also have an aggressive side to things. It is this mix that I like with this album. As much as I like 14 minutes of pure melancholic atmospheric black metal I also like it when it feels like my heart is being ripped outta my chest. There is something to it when a band manages to mix atmospheric with aggressive without it sounding constraint. A new fave black metal band. Anders Ekdahl

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