Sabaton – “The Last Stand”


Sabaton – “The Last Stand” (Nuclear Blast Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Death or Glory! With a fresh contingent of elite troops now firmly enlisted, the Sabaton war machine is turned into an unstoppable juggernaut on this amazing album that easily ranks its up there with “Carolus Rex”. Keeping in line with their trademark military theme, Sabaton have unleashed their summer offensive in theming their songs on famous last stands, and man, the passion and pride is just too much!! From ‘Sparta’ (obviously after Leonidas and the 300) to ‘Rorkes Drift’ (British Army vs Zulus) to ‘Winged Hussars’ (commemorating the final charge by Polish lancers against the Ottoman Army at the Battle of Vienna) the subject matter is heavy enough, but when Sabaton’s hugely catchy and epic melodies are brought to bear then it’s just marching glory all the way. Anyone who’s seen these guys live will know what I’m talking about – they just eat up massive crowds with bombastic beats, Joakim Brodén’s heartfelt vocals, singalong choruses, stirring twin guitars and atmospheric keyboards. On the 11 tracks herein they don’t just tell of these desperate battles, but convey the emotional reverence for those who sacrificed themselves and why they are immortalized in history. Although not a technical band, Sabaton concentrate on the one thing that matters the most – the music – and on this victorious album they will leave you feeling that you could not just conquer this world, but ten worlds after – simply blinding!

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