SABER TIGER “Bystander Effect”

“Bystander Effect”
(Sliptrick Records)

Battle Helm Rating

Japanese metal was a fascinating entity back in the 80s. You couldn’t realty tell if they sang in English or Japanese. But that didn’t really matter as most bands were so good musically that you didn’t really care to much about the lyrics. I don’t know too much about SABER TIGER other than that they have been around the block more than one time. This album was originally released in 2015 but now sees a worldwide and extended release. If you like your metal bombastic and OTT this is the place to look. I am not going to say “only in Japan” because this does not sound too Japanese. Now that I know that this is Japanese I cannot help not to hear things that to my ears are very Japanese. But most of all this is a really cool metal release. And that is all that matters. Anders Ekdahl

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