SACRED GATE “Creators Of The Downfall”

“Creators Of The Downfall”
For one reason or another I don’t seem to hear that new power metal releases. The ones I get my hands on are a welcomed break from all the extreme metal I get subjected to (and love). German Sacred Gate came as a, if not breath of fresh air at least as an gush of air that broke the monotony of same, same and even more same records that floods my computer. This EP is just a taster for a full length to come. And as such it works. The three studio tracks (+ three live tracks) make me want to want more, and I want it now. Power/heavy metal with a clear feel for melody and song structures is what we are treated to. Not so much the usual German style of Gamma Ray or Iron Saviour but more along the lines of old American power metal. Do as Sacred Gate, never lose faith in good old power metal. I’m a believer. Anders Ekdahl

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