Sacred Legacy – “Undying Heart”

Sacred Legacy
“Undying Heart”
(Rock N Growl Records)

Arguably the leading band from the oceanic islands of the Maldives, Sacred Legacy is the brainchild of one the key figures the metal scene of that country, Ahmed Shahyd (aka Shahyd Legacy) who began his musical quest to first learn guitar and then form a band from whatever he could siphon offa the net (no Berkeley school of music here my friend)! Considering his limited resources, Shahyd has achieved an amazing standard – guess it proves if you’ve got the will and talent then you can achieve anything. And he has with Sacred Heart that feature Yngwie Malmsteen type classical guitar mixed with power metal melodies and a semi fast thrash groove on songs like ‘Gods Legends’, ‘Dragon Wars’ and ‘Infinity’. Although I found Bloody Ayya’s alternating brutal / radio mic screeching a bit difficult to digest, Shahy’s guitarwork and songwriting more than carried this album well up into the international scale, so it comes as no surprise that having played the Maldives own Breakout Festival and Rock Storm in Malaysia, short tours of South Africa and Europe this year are already scheduled. Clearly a happenin band driven by Shahyd’s personal desire to release the creative musical talent within his homeland, his pioneering zeal should shame many bands who moan at what they take for granted – this kid started from nothing and is an inspiration to all metallers!

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