“American Death Thrash”
(HorrorPainGoreDeath Productions)
I don’t like split records. Where the hell do I put it in my CD collection? Should I put it b the band that is first or by the band that is second or should I create a new shelf for it? All these questions that needs an answer. And that’s even before I’ve gotten to the music. What if I like half the record and the other sucks majorly? Sacrificial Slaughter and Enfuneration will not give me that problem. Both are death metal in a very American way, with SS being slightly more thrashy. Think Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse and any other death metal band you can think up in that category and you’ll know where you have these two bands. With this record you get 5 tracks each from the bands. Listen carefully and you’ll notice when one band ends and the other begins. Listen with just one ear and you’ll wonder if you put on the right record. This is death metal that don’t differ too much from the norm and that’s what I like about it. I get two great bands for the price of one. Now if I only could figure out where to put it. Anders Ekdahl

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