”III: Lux Infera”
I don’t know what it is with the Finns but there seems to be a never ending stream of cool acts. Could it be that they are so isolated on the countryside that there is nothing else to do than to drink vodka and play your guitar. SACRILEGIOUS IMPALEMENT pretty much says it all when it comes to genre define this act. Anything but blackened metal would be a major surprise. I honestly don’t know if this should be called black or death. There is a dark feeling to it that indicates that it might be black metal but there is also a very death metal kind feel to it. So I’ll go for calling this black/death metal and be done with it. I don’t know how pleased the band is with me comparing it to early Morbid Angel on steroids. There is a force to this that you will have a hard time to refuse if you like you metal on the more brutal side of things. Throw in some latter day Satyricon and you get a decent enough idea of where to find this band. Anders Ekdahl

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