SADAKO “Panic Transistor”

“Panic Transistor”
(SAOL / H´Art / Zebralution)
SADAKO had me hoping that this was going to be a female solo thing but I could not have been more wrong because this is five white dudes and not some Japanese lady fronting her own band. Hopefully the music will get me in a better mode. And neither is this lot an AOR act. This is more along the lines of industrial metal/visual kei if the press release is to be trusted. As I’m not a great fan of the Japanese visual kei bands I have no idea how this lot fit into that slot. And that industrial they aren’t either. This is pretty much mainstream wanting to stand out. I like the melodies that they have going in the songs and the added ingredients give it a slight edge but it ain’t anything revolutionary. But if you like you metal with a twist you might like to give this a try. Anders Ekdahl

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