SAFFIRE “From Ashes To Fire”

“From Ashes To Fire”
(Inner Wound)
Swedish hardrock was what I grew up on in the 80s. After having discovered Iron Maiden and Saxon I found out that there was a great Swedish heavy metal scene too and I dug into that like a mad man. 30 odd years later the Swedish hardrock/metal scene is amongst the greatest in the world and new bands keep popping up in a way that it is hard to keep up. This is being described as a perfect mix between 70s and 80s hardrock. I don’t really hear the 70s in this. Instead I’d say that there’s a harder edge to this that makes it seem very contemporary. With the melodic sense of the 80s SAFFIRE are very much grounded in the 10s. And with the spring finally showing its much welcomed face this is the kind of music to greet the heat with. Anders Ekdahl

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