SAHON ”Chanting For The Fallen”’

”Chanting For The Fallen”’
(Transcending Obscurity Reccords)

Battle Helm Rating

It is no secret that I like things Asian, and especially South Korean or Japanese. When the opportunity to review South Korean SAHON’s latest album I was not late in jumping at the occasion. Not familiar at all with this band I did not know what to expect from them. That they turned out to be a thrash metal band was kind of a surprise. But what a thrash band it is. This is on the more brutal side of thrash. A bit like early Kreator or Destruction but with a more up to date sound. This really thrashes with the best. It will leave you sweaty and with an aching neck. And that is kinda the way a really good thrash metal album should leave you. Anders Ekdahl

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