This Belgian band is new to me. Well almost all Belgian metal is new to me. I don’t get to hear too many bands from Belgium so every chance to hear a new Belgian band is treasured by me. By the name of the band I get the impression that this band comes from the French part of Belgium. I’m not sure what melodic black metal really says about the music. In my ears that seem like an oxymoron. What I do know is that this Belgian band reminds me of Limbonic Art in the way they arrange their songs. There is that kind of mechanical texture to the music that you also find in Limbonic Art’s music. And seeing as I like Limbonic Art a hell of a lot this album also strikes a chord in me. There is something about this kind of metal that I find appealing and pleasing to the ear. Can’t really explain what it is but I guess it is the controlled environment the music seem to exist within that makes me cheerful. Anders Ekdahl

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