Saint Deamon – “Ghost”

Saint Deamon – “Ghost” (Ram It Down)
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At last – the return of Saint Deamon!!! Formed in 2006 by former Dionysus drummer Ronny Millianovicz in a line up that included singer Jan Thore Grefstad (Highland Glory), guitarist Toya Johansson (Bjurström) and bass player Nobby Noberg (ex-Dionysus), the band was soon signed to Frontiers Records and released 2 albums “In Shadows Lost From The Brave” (2008) and “Pandeamonium” (2009). Touring across Europe, Saint Deamon also appeared at ProgPower USA but then experienced a long quiet phase. Until now. Continuing to work on new songs, the band have now returned with 14 of them in “Ghost” and man, it doesn’t sound like Saint Deamon have lost any of their touch! From fast power metallers to melodic metal and even touches of AOR, this veteran band show they’re more than capable musicianship across the material that features tender but powerful vocals, deep melodies, catchy hooks, prog nuances, and epic infused hard rock. So set sail on the pirate metal of ‘Captain Saint D’ with its catchy tones and massive singalong chorus complete with jolly whistling and landlubber shout outs while ‘Call My Name’ is full speed power metal with double bass hammering and fast chugging guitar although the incredible soul of Grefstad and deep chorus definitely make this a stand out track in both furore and finesse. Keeping up the momentum like a band on fire ‘Return Of the Deamons’ features some very fast guitars, swashbuckling through rapid riff changes and chainsawing as new drummer Jarle Byberg (ex-Shining) sets fire to his double bass pedals ha ha! Although slightly slower, ‘Land Of Gold’ more than makes up for it through its epic atmosphere, resplendent with power riffs, Noberg’s slick bass runs, prog melodies and not in the least, Grefstad’s magnificent soulful, soaring vocals really adding the passion as he does indeed, across the whole of “Ghost”. For the slower tunes, then ‘Somewhere Far Beyond’ definitely sticks in my mind (not to mention my heart) thanks to its building emotions abundant in the atmosphere where Grefstad’s highs are matched by both acoustic and electric guitar bliss, unhurried in their moving fret board work that only adds to the passion of the song, although the track is by no means a lightweight thanks to its stirring main riff backed by Noberg’s deep bass and the muscly drum work of Byberg. “Ghost” is the comeback that many didn’t see coming, although longtime fans had hoped for, and now Saint Deamon have returned with what must be their strongest album ever!
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