SAINT KARLOFF ”Al Heed The Black God”

”Al Heed The Black God”
(Twin Earth Records)

Battle Helm Rating

If you haven’t noticed it yet I can tell you that I love small independent labels like Twin Earth Records simply because they dare to take a chance on a band that a bigger label wouldn’t. And today with the record industry being what it is thanks to illegal downloading it doesn’t really matter what size of a label you are on because you gotta do a hell of a lot of the work promoting yourself. Then there are bands that don’t need any sort of promotion because the music does all the talking. Norway’s SAINT KARLOFF are one of these. This sounds like had Black Sabbath and stoner rock met around 1974 this would have been the result. If you like your hardrock fueled with a hell of a lot of the 1970s then this is for you. I totally love things that is from the 1970s or that sounds like it could be from that period. And with this whole retro rock thing that is still going on I am like a kid at x-mas every time I get to hear stuff like this. Anders Ekdahl

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