SAINTS TRADE ”Time To Be Heroes”

”Time To Be Heroes”
(Art Of Melody Music)

Battle Helm Rating

I might be very alone in actually liking Saxon’s mid 80s albums, the ones that are a bit more US radio friendly. But ones you start to listen to them you will find that there are really cool songs on them. And Saxon is still Saxon no matter what era it is. So why do I mention Saxon? Simply because that was the first band that popped up in my head when I heard the first track on this album, “Livin To Rock”. For some bizarre reason it reminded me of a cross between Saxon and Twisted Sister. And it is in that mix I find this album. It is melodic like Twisted Sister used to be yet have that edge that Saxon always had even on their more commercial albums. This one turned out to be a really nice one. Anders Ekdahl

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