SALEMS POT “Pronounce This”

“Pronounce This”

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Yet another Swedish band that hides behind disguise. Feels like we’ve seen it before, haven’t we. But I guess we can blame KISS for all this cloak and dagger thing. And I don’t really care too much who’s behind the masks as long as the music is good. I’ve kinda come around to liking Ghost now and I got a retro feel from SALEMS POT so this could turn out to be a rather pleasant journey. This is the kind of fuzzed out rock that follows very well in the footsteps of Swedish 60s and early 70s rock as in the footsteps of Graveyard or Witchcraft today. Kinda like had for example The Doors gone heavier they might have ended up here. This is cool in all ways possible. Anders Ekdahl

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