Saltatio Mortis – “Das Schwarze Einmaleins”

Saltatio Mortis – “Das Schwarze Einmaleins” (Napalm Records)

On the strength of their “Manufactum III” live opus earlier this year I was expecting to hear more of the same jolly medieval rock but the prevalence of bagpipes on “Das schwarze Einmaleins” have taken the band more into the Scottish or even Celtic folk territory which is kinda unusual given these guys are German as indicated by their use of even their own national anthem on ‘Wachstum ueber alles’! Giving Scotland’s own Pipeline (or the Dropkick Murphys – Ed) a run for their money, it makes for a bizarre combination especially as Alea der Bescheidene sings in German although if you can get over that then numbers like ‘My Bonnie Mary’ and ‘Abrakadabra’ still retain their knees up appeal amidst his punkish vocals, punchy melodic riffs and yes…those omnipresent bagpipes lol.

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