Saltatio Mortis – “Manufactum III – Live auf dem Mittelaltermarkt”

Saltatio Mortis – “Manufactum III – Live auf dem Mittelaltermarkt” (Napalm Records)

Saltatio Mortis aren’t really a metal band but what they describe as medieval rock, which apparently is pretty big in Germany, the home of the guys. The band take their name from the medieval ‘dance death’ which was played by minstrels during the Middle Ages to cheer folk up as plague, persecution and poverty ravaged their lands. As you can imagine, the goal was joviality and essentially giving people the will to live, so the emphasis is on uplifting melody and pipes a plenty they have – from bagpipes to medieval pipes to highland pipes to small pipes to Uilleann pipes! Along with this comes a hearty jest inspired to get the crowd going and revel in a right royal knees up. Well, Saltatio Mortis came together in a medieval Christmas market and therefore it seems apt that this live concert took place at the Hamburg Öjendorf’s medieval market – and quite a party it sounds like judging by the hearty aplomb of songs like ‘La Ride’, ‘Pirate’s Life’ and ‘Fiat Lux’ which are crowd singalongs to say the least. Merry music is what these boys make and just as in times of old, the need to be cheered has not left us during these harsh times.

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