Saltatio Mortis – “Sturm aufs Paradies”

Saltatio Mortis
“Sturm aufs Paradies”
(Napalm Records)

Napalm are amassing quite a buncha these bands that feature bagpipes a plenty – from the jolly pirates of Alestorm to the jovial folks of Svartsot. Now come the Germans in the form of Saltatio Mortis (meaning dance of death) who take their inspiration from the dark ages! What immediately jumps out though, is that they’re not really metal but some sorta medieval themed rock band judging by songs like the pagan folk of ‘Eulenspiegel’, the more upbeat ‘Der Letzte Spielmann’ and the more epic ‘Spiel Mit Dem Feuer’. It’s certainly played well enough, and vocalist Alea has a wide range, but I suspect that this is one of these bands very much rooted in the success of their home market (where their recent live DVD “Wild und Frei” reached number 21 in the Media Control Charts) given the strong Germanic melodies and rhythms, and as such their wider appeal might be more questionable.

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