SAMADHI SITARAM “Kaliyuga Babalon”

“Kaliyuga Babalon”
(Sliptrick Records)

Battle Helm Rating

I gotta admit that from the first word I read about this I thought it would be some tripped out psychedelic journey into eastern philosophy. But once I started playing this and not just intellectualizing about it I realized that this is so much harder than anything I could ever have imagined. In a way this makes me think of Soulfly. It has that same ethnic touch, although from totally different parts of the world. But when it come to heaviness it is in the same league. As much as I love heavy music as much do I struggle when I can’t really put my fingers on what it is I listen to. I feel that way to some extent with this. It is heavy, it grooves like mad but it still leaves me a bit cold. This is something that I won’t return to too often but I am glad that I have in my collection. Anders Ekdahl

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