SANCTORUM “Semper Fidelis”

“Semper Fidelis”
I don’t know why everybody has to follow the latest trends but that’s the way the it is. Hearing band after band after band using the beauty and beast vocal approach starts to become a tad tiresome. How many different variations are there to it? Sanctorum too uses this vocal trading system and as with any other band that have this approach it doesn’t surprise that much. Musically Sanctorum are death metal the way Dark Tranquillity used to be death metal or the way In Flames used to be death metal, not really sounding like any of those bands or sounding like all of those bands put together. As somebody who buys and live by every Gothenburg sounding death metal record this kinda fits like a hand in a glove. While not the most original, but then who really are, this moved me enough to really give it a thump up, maybe even a head shake in approval. Anders Ekdahl

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